❤ Love For Haitian Food – Episode 27 – Avwan (Oatmeal) #2 Labouyi Series


*Please read the blog post for more information*

In this video you will see how I make Avwan (Oatmeal) #2 in the Labouyi (Porridge) Series.

Full recipe can be found at my blog: http://www.loveforhaitianfood.com/2015/05/avwan-oatmeal-is-one-of-my-favorite.html

Watch the Previous video: How to make Akasan AK100 (Corn Flour Porridge) #1 in the Labouyi (Porridge) Series. https://youtu.be/tDgJos2CpP8

Pineapple Cake Filling https://youtu.be/2njd9LKyVn4

Strawberry Cake Filling: https://youtu.be/mGC_ao63Zic

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  1. your page is excellent. by far the better one's I've seen on YouTube. have you tried making a video for ri au leat, rice pudding (if my spelling is all the way off lol)

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