❤ Love For Haitian Food – Episode 33 – How to make Banann peze (Fried plantains)


*Please read the blog post for more information*

In this video you will see how I make fried plantains.

Full recipe can be found at my blog: http://www.loveforhaitianfood.com/2015/10/banann-peze-fried-plantains.html

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  1. Yeah, Googoo knows all. Thanks. And good luck with what you're doing. I'm an eater I love food. But I like only healthy things. My family be all surprised that I eat so much and I am so flat belly skinny at a dollar fifty pounds. Anyways, so if in the future you see any comments from this here account related to the vid….wasn't me.

  2. But you see that is the really weird thing. Mom has her account and I have mine. One day I decided to go into my "History" because of a video I liked and that I wanted to see again and I see all these diet, exercise videos. That's when I found out that mom's account and mine got mixed. Like they became one. We know no one to ask that knows. So I am just asking anybody that can help. Because it is my mother who is subscribed to Ketogenic Diet and maybe this, not me and it appears in my account too. A super phenomenon. Anyone reading this that can help please respond. Mom says she is going to delete her account. I only have one account and so does she. We only have one each. Thanks a mill in advance, God bless.

  3. Haitian? These are made inPuerto Rico and the fried green plantains are called tostones and the ripe plantains are called amarillitos. This is definitely Caribbean; not Haitian.

  4. Great job! Do a video on bouillon. I have not had it in years. My wife is from Costa Rica and she has been following you channel and surprising me every time you post video.

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