4 New Years Vegan Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss


I give you a bit of weight loss peptalk in the start then show you 4 super yummy recipes from the raw till 4 book. Recipes start at 2:20
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  1. FREELEE WTF??? :O You always say people should not use zucchini noodles to cut on calories and you show us a zucchini noodle recipe??!!? Giiirl whaaat I don't understand 🙁 still love you tho just explain pls

  2. I fucking hate her bc I hate how she's posting pictures of her being skinny and her bragging she is but like why is that needed she can just tell us eat foods to eat and stuff without showing us how skinny she's gotten

  3. So I am currently a vegetarian. I really want to become vegan, but parents would not approve. They're unhappy with me as a vegetarian, but have come to accept it after almost 5 years. As a 14 year old, I have no way to buy my own food, and my parents wont buy food for me. For lunch at school, I always get a water bottle and salad, so eat vegan meals at school. But at home, my parents rarely make vegetarian meals, let alone vegan meals. I make most of my own meals at home, but I have to drink milk, because my parents refuse to buy soy, and my mom uses eggs in everything, such as cookies and cakes etc. I'm looking for advice on how to persuade my parents into letting me be vegan, but also helping me be vegan. Thanks :)

  4. Hi Freelee,
    I was wondering if I could get some help. I'm a kid (14) but my mom and sister are both overweight and they always tried to force me to eat more than I wanted to. I hated it since I was chubby and I started eating 1,200 calories but bc the other people in my family ate so much, I had to eat it all at dinner bc 1,200 cal is a small dinner for them. When I was at my goal weight I started eating a healthier amount of food (1,700 cal) and having meals besides dinner, I gained all the weight back. Now I don't know what to do bc my family essentially tries to get me to eat as much as possible and I hate it.

  5. hey freelee!! I went on a absolute binge watching spree of your videos and I went fully vegan raw till 4 overnight and I've been doing so for a solid week! I used to be vegetarian for 3 years then stopped and have been eating meat for the last 2 years but decided I needed a change and did a complete 180 in my diet! thank you so much:)

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