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Vegetarian recipes :

How to make paneer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ov5dzZxKnI&t=2s

In today’s super special video, we’re not doing only ONE, but a total of FIVE easy paneer recipes made especially for beginners. So if quick and easy paneer recipes are what you’re looking for, I’ve got your top 5 :-
1)Coriander Paneer
2)Butter Garlic Paneer
3)Easy Chilli Paneer
4)South Indian style Paneer
5)Paneer in pepper cheese sauce

Healthy paneer snacks have never been this quick to make or this healthy! Hope you guys like the video.


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  1. This guy has no qualification in the field of diet and nutrition and just speaks after watching 5-6 videos on other channels. Lets watch Guru Mann who is the most certified nutrition in the world with over 10 certifications

  2. U share so much of information with us and give us such expert tips on health and fitness and nutrition and diet. That's amazing. But to rely on your information and suggestions and implementing then in our lives we must alteast know if you are certified or educated enough to guide us? Can i please know what is qualification in the field of nutrition? R U a CNC?

  3. Hey bro, need some advice plz answer. Whenever I'm doing sex (in any form) I start putting lot of weight than usual. If I stop it for 1 week n I eat the same food, I can feel I'm not putting that much weight. Is it normal if not what should I do. Plz answer

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