9 Cheap, Low Calorie Vegan Meals


Low cost, low cal plant-based meal ideas that are easy to prepare.
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  2. Thank you Whitney for your wonderful tips and advice !I have struggled with weight issues for 20 years and you are a voice in the vegan community that keeps me motivated and want to stay healthy keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Don't eat oatmeal. It have too much glycemic index GI. Your bloodsugar will rise and then drop very fast and make you hungry. I also do not recommend cereal with milk or soymilk etc.. No nutrition. I had a blood sugar fall in town and had to buy a coca cola. My vision went dizzy and could not think.

  4. Nice video. I have lost 30 pounds by keeping my carbs between 50-150 grams. I still have a problem eating to many nuts, which have a lot of calories, as you talk about in your YouTube.

  5. loved this video because I am diabetic and everything vegan seems to be so high carb!! ย I really like to make vegan hot sausage with all kind of peppers onions and ย tomato sauce!

  6. You have some great ideas thank you for sharing these with us. What would make it much better for us when you do this food info.ย  Show the food you are talking about. Show real food and pictures of the complete recipes. Your in the kitchen and you do nothing in there. You don't make anything. You don't show any of the food you are talking about. How sad considering your so keen to give us this information.ย  God bless you. We still love you.

  7. Hey, I'm so very late watching this series lol as we usually do well but I have an idea/challenge. my bf weighs about 250 lbs (mostly muscle he's just tall and thick). Generally when I make a meal he tends to eat 3-4 of my size servings. I find he has a lot of trouble getting full from a plant based diet. The only time he can be satisfied is when he makes seitan. my problem is that I don't like seitan. He's mastered it and is very good at making it look and taste like meat and it grosses me out. So knowing this he doesn't make it often but then eats us out of house and home. Lmao. Can you make a video suggesting other alternatives other than seitan that would get him feeling full. We do beanloafs but that's as far as our creativity takes us with beans.

  8. my favorite low calorie vegan meals is the vegan fire and spice cookbook by robin Robertson loaded with cheap low calorie meals such as vegetable gumbo jollof rice and beans so basically you get exotic tasting dishes for cheap that use vegetables grains and beans

  9. i've been vegan for 2 years now and finally i am able to eat salads with no dressings at all. this time of year i really love soups and will be checking out some of your recipes. i walk and do muscle toning exercises on a regular basis all year round and in the spring/summertime i add jumping rope twice a week to the mix. it took me forever to get to the point of being an organic whole foods vegan, but the struggle has really been worth all the "one step forward, two steps back." love you channel, just stumbled onto it and subscribed without hesitation.

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