Apple Cider Turkey recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Tell mama no more dried out Turkey for your holiday dinner anymore. Watch step by step how to make an Apple Cider brine and then slow roast a Turkey on the grill. And, it’s real easy to do with these few simple tips, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. just put one on the grill, propane sacrilege I know, used dry thyme, rosemary, ginger, sage, and chicken broth for the ale, it's what I had. also covered in foil for first 80 mins, report in 5 hours

  2. This is, hands down, THE BEST brine anyone could use. The fact that there is no need for injection when using this is even better so the juices don't flow out of the turkey while cooking it. We are going to do this with a few chickens an a month or so to share with others. Can't wait to see how much they love it too.

  3. I dont know if ya'll read these comments but I wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this . I watched it , looked great and sounded tasty. I decided to try it for thanksgiving dinner. My first Thanksgiving where the family and the girlfriends family came to our place. I had never tried a brine for a bird(any bird) So if it sucked i was screwed. I'm happy to say EVERYONE told me how good the turkey was …and I myself believe it was the best turkey I've ever had …and i forgot the ginger and the bay leaf ….still AMAZING !!!! This thanksgiving I was thankful for the BBQ Pit Boys !

  4. I smoked a turkey following these steps yesterday except I also injected  Cajun butter in it after brining and basted it in a heated Bourbon and maple syrup glaze just before serving. It was honestly the best and most flavorful turkey I ever had and it was stripped down to the bone in no time.

  5. I just took my turkey off the grill !!! the Best turkey I've ever made !! thanks for your help! !! I don't want turkey from the oven now!! Happy Thanksgiving 😄💗👍

  6. PITBOYS, I've been subscribed to your channel for a few yrs now and have quite a few friends of mine do the same thing. Lots of good recipes you guys have put out, I've made quite a few of them and they have turned out AWESOME! my question I have for this recipe is do you use any wood or just the briquettes? I will be making this tomorrow for the first time. I've got a 15lb bird in my brine since 11am this morning. If this turns out anything like previous recipes it will be a finger licking good bird! Thanks and keep up the good work and awesome videos. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. I love your channel and this looks absolutely amazing and I'm going to make it this Thanksgiving. Do you think adding wood to also smoke the turkey would make it taste better? If so, what wood would you use? Apple?

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