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Caribbean Black Beans – vegan, healthy, nutrient rich and YUMMY!! Learn the secrets for making the tastiest black beans you’ve ever had the pleasure to savor. Bonus: Adriana makes a snaggle-toothed appearance as Guest Chef. Puerto Rican food + kids in the kitchen = a healthy family feast!

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  1. Would you please give me the recipe to make adobo. You just mentioned the ingredients. Or do i use 1TBL of everything? I would be happy to get feedback. Online there are quite a few of abode gayo to order, so that is why I am confused.

  2. So I got excited and made this recipe at 1 in the morning last night. It tasted nice, but I found it a bit on the salty side. Is it suppose to be like this? I didn't hear you mentioned anything about unsalted beans so I assumed its the regular salted ones.

  3. My god you're attractive. Jimmy doesn't deserve you. Please move to England. The weathers awful and overcooked fried fish is unfortunately the staple, however we import lots overpriced wine i'd be all to happy to buy you in volume.

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