Cheesy Bell Pepper Risotto | How To Make Risotto | Vegetarian Italian Recipe | Simply Jain


Simply Jain shares an Italian dish ‘Cheesy Bell Pepper Risotto’. Cheesy and yummy risotto that can be cooked at home.

Ingredients required

1) Cheese Sauce

2-3 cheese cubes grated
1 cup of milk
2-3 tablespoon cornflour

2) Risotto

Boiled Arborio Rice
Olive oil
Red capsicum
Green capsicum
Yellow capsicum
Cheese Sauce

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  1. OMG that looks delicious! I have only question though. These Italian and American recipes usually call for basil. Is the same as the holy basil plant (tulsi) that we Indians have at home n which we consume as prasaad? Or is it a different variety of basil used for cooking? Because I read on the net that basil has over a hundred varieties and the one for cooking is different n has a slightly different taste from holy basil. So which one have u used? Thank you! 🙂

  2. superb simply jain rissoto reciepe is sooooo cooooooool so easy…within a jist…keep it up shefali u rock…just a request that since all yur reciepes r soooooo easy nd rockingly tasty that..if u culd just list them seprately as maincourse snacks etc…anf also guide with the details of the products u use…fr eg-so n so's pasta,so n so's this chesse etc etc

  3. My milk went sour after adding cheese, is this normal ? How long do I need to keep sauce boiling, I m not getting a thick consistency. Please help

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