Chinese Village Cooking In Old Style Restaurant (Foo’s HoHo)


Watch master chef Joanne cook some delicious Chinese Village Recipes. Dishes that are yummy for your tummy, comfort food that you can soak up with lots of rice. Traditional dishes like steamed lemon chicken, salted fish with pork and deep fried battered sticky rice chicken. All from the kitchen of Vancouver’s oldest Chinese restaurant in the heart of Chinatown. Many of the dishes here are similar to the ones from Hoiping, China. 開平 Sadly, this restaurant is closing soon. Thanks for the memories, Foo’s HoHo Restaurant!


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  1. Ho Ho is legendary real Chinese food.It's always been number 1 for me. Consistently great! They were one of the only places that serves authentic chow mein. Sadly most people have only eaten the saucy version which is not what you' d find in a Chinese household .The chow mein that the brothers eat is dry without sauce and is way less greasy and in my opinion is better. Another thing Ho Ho did better than anywhere else was steamed salted egg pork cake and their lo fan lemon chicken will never be equalled . Their fried chicken wings were amazing too. I started eating there as a baby in the late 60s and went nuts for the place thru the 70s. Every Halloween we had a take out feast from restaurant in the world meant more to me.I came from a family that were fortunate enough to eat fancier but I begged to eat at Ho Ho when the rest of the family wanted to go to Golden Crown on E.Hastings or Pink Pearl etc…and don't even get me started on Wo Fat Bakery,BC Royal Cafe and Hong Kong Cafe.Best days of Chinatown .

  2. Can't find any old school Chinese restaurants in Toronto.  I grew up eating at Sai Woo but only on very special occasions.  I would love to visit Vancouver some day as my dad and grandpa arrived there back in the 1920s.  Thanks for these videos, Dan. 

  3. the green beans at the beginning are what i would order there for sure. Looks yummy what chef Joanne cooks. Someday i'm going to visit the region. Also to visit a good friend of mine on vancouver island 🙂
    Thanks for giving us a view into the restaurants kitchen, Dan.

  4. Nooooooo! It's closing? 🙁 🙁 🙁 That makes me so very sad to hear… I would have loved to go there. Old Chinese restaurants in Chinatowns all over the world are closing… and it would seem the Chinatowns of Canada are not safe either. 🙁 I also hope the new owners will keep the old Cantonese traditions as well. 

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