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  1. Why waste those minutes messing around adding cold liquid to the roux in increments when you can add hot liquid to the roux and have a virtual instant desired thickening? Don't believe those that say adding a hot liquid to a hot roux makes it lumpy which is quite frankly nonsense. Also it would give the filling flavour more depth if some concentrated fish stock was added ( somewhere between a veloute and bechemel ). .

  2. wow! that looks amazing! looks real hearty! i wanna make this for all my uncles now! i know they would love it as much i do.. thanks for the upload =D

  3. This looks fantastic! I remember being offered fish pie as a kid and I wouldn't touch it because I don't like fish much. However, I KNOW I would love this. Could you come and make it fo rme please? LOL.

  4. @Heliantheae08
    This fish pie is defiantly great comfort food and very tasty. You can use most cheeses really, I used gruyère cheese because it’s probably one the best tasting cheeses for this dish but if it’s difficult to get hold gruyère of then use what is easier and probably cheaper for you to buy.
    I hope it goes well and if you get the time let me know how it turned out for you 🙂

  5. This looks like a yummy comfort food for a cold wintry day. I am going to try and make this for supper tonight but I was wondering if havarti cheese would be a good substitute for the gruyère cheese? The havarti is easier to find at the market where I live.

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