Christmas slow cooked Pork & Crackling How to Cook food recipes


Slow Cooked Pork.
Delicious and very tender.
Ideal for Thanksgiving, Christmas or when you want something special.


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  1. Nice work, NakedChef !! Now, nothing wrong with a slurp of white wine or sherry instead of just water in the bottom of your roasting tray! Some herbs could go in too..? I will try your recipe and give you a full report. Thank you & Bless !

  2. Brine is the way to go with all pork. If a person doesn't brine pork for two days before they cook it, I have to wonder what the hell they think they're doing? I guarantee this pork in this video doesn't taste anywhere near as good as a brined pork shoulder. I'm talking about the liquid brine. Cut the shoulder open, throw it in a brine of salt, brown sugar, kikkoman teriyaki sauce, garlic, pineapple juice. Let it sit for two days. Tie it up and bake it on 250 until the internal temp is 175 to 180 and it will be so good people will be fighting for pieces. Seriously, I've seen people eat this stuff like it's their job.

  3. This is a how to food video. Why are a few people posting about getting head and ejaculating? You made me go back and watch it again. Weird how peoples minds work.

  4. I think I made mention of this one before.. I just got a few pork shoulders and came here to get your recipe.. Yum.. So as I am sitting here,, one of the pork shoulders is in the oven… Can't wait to try it this evening for dinner..

  5. Charming presentation ! Just bought this roast so I thought that I would see what you had to say. Thanks, I'm well prepared now to knock my family's socks off with "my" great cooking lol

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