Cilantro Lime Chicken Recipe: Easy and Healthy in a Slow Cooker with Thomas DeLauer


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The beauty of using a slow cooker is that it gives you the freedom to leave it on all day long and come home to a house that smells fantastic and a ready to eat meal that requires minimal effort to put together. Plus, it’s cost efficient! To give the chicken it’s flavor (while omitting dairy, beans, corn and grains), this recipe calls for some pretty powerful ingredients to kick your taste buds into gear.

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  1. I'm trying this today! Can't wait to taste as I love cilantro (or coriander as we know it). It's compatible with my slimming world diet so double yay! Thanks for the simple recipe!! x

  2. My 13 yr old nephew is staying with us for the week, I asked him if he had any food requests since he is into healthy eating and he said cilantro lime chicken,,when he said that I right away thought OMG complicated lol. Got on YT and found your recipe, this looks so good and easy to make, I will let you know how it turns out!! Thank you for sharing, I can't wait to try this!!

  3. Great Vid! I'm gonna try it ! As for the production value – it "sounds" as though you're Mic clipped to you're shirt is meant to be placed closer to you're chest pointing at you're mouth. Sry I'm just an OCD sound guy

  4. Great video, great recipe. Just FYI, there is no such thing as a genetically modified lime. Don't get organic and GMO confused with each other. The only species that have been genetically modified are corn, cotton, alfalfa, canola, papaya, soy, sugar beets, and squash.

  5. I'm so overweight and unhealthy I hate everything about it. I want to be healthy like you are, you look so fit! I'm going to make all these recipes and try to be healthier thanks for the recipes.

  6. Hey Thomas, I love this recipe!

    Just one question, the vegetables you added, had you defrosted them beforehand, or were they still frozen?

    Looking forward to your next video and thank you!

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