College Dorm MasterChef – 7 Easy, Healthy Microwave Recipes / 7 Recetas Cocinadas en el Microondas


(ACTIVAR SUBTITULOS) Here’s a follow-up to College Dorm Room MasterChef! Try these 7 easy & healthy recipes when all you have is a microwave. Get recipes with calories macros –

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  1. Thank you for this video. Being active duty this definitely is helpful. I do have 1 concern….I'm in the Navy and when we're out to sea we don't have storage for perishable items. if we don't like what we're served we rely on nonparishable item so that's mostly Ramen noodles. What would you recommend that would be better for us?

  2. I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I thought I'd bring you this comment to let you know you're helping. For overweight people that want to get better, a great way to make it more appealing is by using what they are familiar with to introduce healthy choices, a.k.a. what you are doing I this video. I am overweight so this comes from personal experience. Just to give you another reason why you are doing great things sir! Thank u!

  3. Wish i knew these when i lived in dorms! my go to was popping unflavored popcorn then putting some coconut oil, honey and cayenne pepper on it. so good!

  4. Currently hotel living and a microwave is all that is available. 😕 Never knew I can cook chicken in a microwave!! So so glad I came across your videos! You are my lifesaver!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dude!!!!! Great recipes! Im at work and since we only have a microwave in the breakroom going to try the stuffed turkey bell pepper recipe! Also a great way not to dirty up the kitchen!!!!

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