Cooking With Marie: Marinad Poul (Chicken Fritter) Haitian Recipe


In this episode of cooking with Marie, my mother makes Marinad Poul, which is a chicken fritter and popular haitian snack. Enjoy!


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  1. This looks so good.  I've been around Haitians so much now I didn't think there was a dish I didn't know. lol  I can't wait to try  this especially for my kids.  I know they would love this.  It's like a healthier chicken nugget.  Thank you for posting!  I'm excited to see what else you have to post.  I'm going to ask my mom-in-law about this.  I'm sure she made this for my husband when he was younger. God bless!

  2. can you please make a video making the following dishes please?…. pate kode, lam veritab, poul nan sos, pwason gro sel, tassot, epis…etc any haitian dish please i dont have anybody to show me here.. thank you

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