CORN NOODLES!!! HOMEMADE pasta?! YES! – quick and easy – Mirka van Gils


500 gr. Cornflour
5 eggs
Parmezan /optional/
2 tbsp olive oil

Hope you will enjoy my recipe and we will cook together 🙂
Let’s cook it! Thanks for watching!
See you soon.


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  1. Thanks SO much for the gluten free pasta recipe!! I mixed up a batch of what should be a great one-to-one gluten free flour for all the great baking recipes you and others have shared here. I'll let you know (and share the recipe) how it turns out when I make something later this week. Cooking gluten free is huge here in the US. I must do it for health reasons, but many, many others also do it because it's so much better for us. But for pasta, I was still looking for the "just right" recipe. Rice flour pasta falls apart too easily. I don't care for Spelt, either. Corn is the all-around best substitute for wheat (in pasta) that I've ever tasted. It can be difficult to tell the difference… if you have the right recipe. And now I do!! More Gluten Free, pretty please!!

  2. Thanks for Info, and for replying to my stackoverflow post. I am allergic to eggs so i will try a replacement with Chia Seeds and Xanthan gum. I'll let you know how it goes.

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