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http://www.diabetesnaturalremedies.co.uk/ Diabetics require special diets to control their blood sugar. In this video we learn some recipes that diabetics can use to control their diabetes.


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We are trying to help you make the best yummy dishes in your home.


  1. This “fizo amazing plan” (Google it) will change your life in the event you follow it and really like to get and have your diabetes under control and maybe reverse it. For 1 ½ months now, my partner continues to follow the program. He had been diagnosed with type two diabetes 6 years ago and has been insulin dependent for five years. Great news, he encountered this program and followed it which made him develop his eating habit every single day.

  2. I tested this on my mother n law who has been diabetic most of her life. >> https://twitter.com/HolliPrieto007/status/764931207247175680 . This does work! We saw the results immediately within the first week which was hard for her to do but we were able to get here to change her diet. It does work, it is drastic if you are a meat potato guy and even worse when your diet consists of rice being served with every meal. Her blood sugar would be high well over 160s but we were able to see it drop down to 130s and then it finally dropped down below 100s. We were shocked and elated. The other surprise occurred when the men of the house whose readings were 260 and up, theirs dropped down to 160s within a week! We stuck to the raw vegetable diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had huge salads for the main course for lunch and dinner and very small amount of fish or chicken. The rice was knocked down to just barely 1/4 cup and only gave it for lunch and dinner. This book works! Very happy and grateful for Dr. Fuhrman publishing this!

  3. I would like to personally thank David Andrew for writing this book and helping so many people struggling with diabetes. I was a healthy, active 25 year old who went in for a routine physical and was told that my fasting blood sugar was 133. I then had an A1C done and it came back at 6.3 which is considered pre-diabetes. I immediately searched Amazon and purchased David Andrew's book and a Vitamix blender. Within three weeks my fasting blood sugar fell from 133 to 102. Another three weeks later and my fasting blood sugar is 87. David Andrew's plan helped me REVERSE my pre-diabetes and I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend this book to everyone including those without diabetes as this nutrition plan has incredible benefits that I immediately noticed including more energy, better sleep, and weight loss.

  4. l didn’t have the energy to keep up with my kids anymore! Just the thought of vacation, or even a day on the town, made me feeI exhausted. Diabetes was stealing my Iife. I was scared my vision would start to go, or my feet would start to tingle, hurt, and then I’d lose them.I didn’t want to be a blind amputee! I found the truth about diabetes, and it’s changed everything. I reprogrammed my body to keep my blood sugar where it should be. Finally, I have the energy I need to live my life. And thanks to Diabetes Destroyer, I know my life is going to be long and happy. 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘☺;)

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