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Diabetic Recipes – Check out this great low carb burger. Diabetic recipes are the most healthy recipes around! For more low carb recipes explore over 8,000 recipes at http://www.dlife.com/diabetes/diabetic-recipes/


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  1. I used to have exactly that attitude mate. Then before I knew it I was 27 stone. OK, I thought, I'd better lose this weight as it is now uncomfortable. Suddenly I'm pissing like a horse and have a tongue like a camel's ass in a sand storm. Off to the Docs to be told I have diabetes. "How can I clear that?" I say. "You can't", says the Doc followed by, "NEXT!"
    That said, you can still have a healthy moist burger without adding tofu. I use finely chopped mushroom to bulk out and moisten the turkey

  2. using a term like "low carb burger" is like saying "chocolate-free broccoli". All burgers are low carb because they're meat. Just choose leaner meat (90%) and have a burger without the bun….no need for tofu. If you absolutely can't stand a burger without the bun then just slice off half of each side of the bun…cut your carbs in half right there. 15-20 carbs from a bun isn't gonna hurt a diabetic if you're eating it with all the protien/fat goodies of a burger.

  3. I also want to thank you for the diabetes site…very nice

    I had to go low carb and give up all breads and now improving. These recipes will help me a lot and get rid of that nagging depression that I get when soo deprived of good food. I can now enjoy life again.

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