Easy Southern Potato Salad Recipe


This video recipe will show you how to make a perfect southern, soul food potato salad. A summertime favorite in my house! This potato salad is creamy with the perfect balance of ingredients and seasoning. It’s easy, simple, and a real crowd-pleaser. It can easily be customized to suit your liking.

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  1. I like how you season to your taste. That's how it should be. Some people follow recipes to a tee. And if it doesn't say add salt n pepper to taste, they won't season it. And just like your recipe, Asians always add some sugar to balance n mellow out the sharpness of the mayonnaise.

  2. So far all of your recipes are the same as my family recipes from my Mother and Grandmother! Except for the yeast rolls which I want to try soon, I never mastered bread making yet. Thanks for posting!!

  3. Luv your video and sharing your potato salad recipe. I would agree that making all of your ingredients cold before pulling it all together is key. I use liquid with the mustard seeds from the yum yum pickle jar and a tsp of sugar to the mayo with a touch of cayenne pepper in mine usually. I also finally chop celery. A tip that i just learned and makes for a potato salad that is not soupy is to add some instant potato flakes. I know it sounds wierd but I highly recommend it. It also makes it so your potato salad doesn't separate and gives it a nice texture and eliminates any soupyness. It is like a binder. I would suggest the next time you make potato salad take a small amount and add some potato flakes to see what I mean. I do this all the time now. I think it makes the potato salad better texture and taste better and it holds up better overall.

  4. You make your salad very similar to how I do it as well, so I know your family loves it! The only difference is I use Country style Grey Poupon mustard. You have to try it once, the flavor is great!

    Thank you for sharing, I love your channel!

  5. Just came back to say it turned out good! After everything got cold, I let my 12yo stepdaughter mix it all up to her liking and she let Daddy taste it and he gave it a thumbs up! I just couldn't bring myself to try it but I will once all the food is ready! LOL – Thanks so much!!!

  6. that was a good tip on chilling ingredients berore seasoning i use to wonder why mines always needed more seasonig after it was ready to eat i will try your way next time thanks.

  7. I Love Potato Salad and yours looks delicious. To make it pretty, my mother reserves 1 or 2 of the boiled eggs and slices them thin. She then arranges the slices on top of the salad and sprinkles with a little paprika. We also use celery, bell peppers and pimentoe in our potato salad.

  8. @TotallyTyra OMG Tyra I didn't start liking potato salad until I hit my 20's. And even still I can only eat it with some grilled chicken or grilled ribs. For me the potatoes have to be diced up small so that I get a bit of all the ingredients in every bite.

    If you use celery salt, cut back on the seasoning salt. It really is just about tasting it a million times after each seasoning. Since you don't generally like potato salad you may want to get somewhere else to do this part lol

  9. I have NEVER liked potato salad but my family wants some for the 4th. I was going to buy a small container from Walmart's deli but you made me want to try making my own!!! Why don't I like potato salad? I love potatoes and every other ingredient except mayo. Maybe it's because the potatoes are cold??? Is it the mayo??? IDK…but I'm going to make this and I'll even sample it just because you're awesome!!! (BTW, do you think celery salt would work instead of celery seed? Tryna cut costs 😉

  10. Monique a short cut..did you know they had pre-diced potatoes in the frozen food section. I use them to make potato salad when im being LAZY. LMBO!!! You and that Darn Dukes LOL!!!! I accidently over salted my potato salad one day and the only way I could fix it was boil more potatoes to put in it. — I LOVE YOU MONIQUE!!

    **walking back to my house** Ima make that girl use Hellman's even if I have to send my 2year old there to torture her…LOL!!!!

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