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What’s up y’all,

It’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss, and today I’ve got a GREAT Insane Home Fat Loss secret for you. You ready? It’s:

**Extreme Low-Calorie Mac & Cheese!!**

This stuff is DELICIOUS! I’m going to go over what extreme low calorie mac and cheese is, what the ingredients are and even how to cook it. So pay attention to this one, because it’s little tricks like this one that help you out tremendously and make you feel like you’re cheating when, in reality, you’re still on point to achieving your goals of having the body of your dreams.

0:30 Ingredient List and Nutritional Value:
1) Miracle Noodles brand
– You can get these on the Miracle Noodles website but I have found these at Whole Foods and even Wal-Mart!
– $2.50 – $3.00 per bag
– You can find these in the section where you get tofu and they have several kinds (angel hair, fettuccine and even rice)
– This is a shirataki pasta – Which is all soluble fiber and is made up from actual mushrooms.
1:23 Soluble Fiber: Helps with digestion and is more of a filler than something you would eat for nutritional value
– The whole bag is about 30 calories and has 2.5 servings.
– One serving has – 3g of carbs, no sugar, no protein, no sodium, no fat and only 15 calories.
**So you can even get some of this and use it as a side dish.
– This really will take on the flavor of anything you cook it with.

2:53 2) Kernel Season’s brand – Nacho Cheddar flavor
– You can find this at pretty much any grocery store in the popcorn section. Surprisingly you won’t find this in the spice/seasoning section.
– It has a couple odd “artificial” ingredients, but if taken in moderation you should be fine.
– One serving is a 1/4 teaspoon, so don’t go crazy, but one serving will have 2 calories, 75mg sodium and that’s it!
– They have all different flavors, so go check it out!

4:50 Welcome to my kitchen!
– Let’s go through the whole process, which is only 6 minutes!
1) Boil some water in a pot – not too much just so it boil faster
2) Open your noodles and rinse and strain them for about 30 seconds.
– You can also cut up the noodles at this point since they are kind of long.
3) Once your water is boiling add your noodles in and boil them for about 2 – 3 minutes.
4) While that is boiling heat up a sautee pan (or skillet)
– This pan should be warm so when your noodles are done you can add all your flavor in.
– Spray down with cooking spray s your noodles don’t stick.
5) Strain your cooked noodles and add them to your sautee pan along with your seasoning.
6) Stir it up and watch it get yummy looking!

10:24 So again, this is great for losing weight but it’s more of a filler, there isn’t a lot of nutritional value so don’t eat this alone as a meal.
– What I’ve done today is get one of my pre-cooked meals, threw in some almonds and then just added this to it! Easy breezy!

11:08 And if you want to get fancy, I like to add a little parsley just for some color.
– And you are done!

Thanks y’all! I hope you enjoyed this demonstration and use this to your advantage. Leave your comments and let us now how this turned out for you!

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I haven’t always been as fit and toned as I am today, actually, I used to be pretty fat! One day I realized that the way I was doing things just wasn’t working for me and needed a new way. Finally, I discovered this one trick and it has become my weight loss “wonder”. Now I have the lean, toned body that I’ve always wanted and get admired wherever I go.

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  5. Nice video. You should be careful with those seasonings. Just like powdered coffee creamer they're petroleum-based. You put those things in front of an open flame and you watch sparks fly. So I don't necessarily think that you should be putting that in your body too often.

  6. hi. nice video, i use to workout a lot but i quit. i got some waight on now, i need to go back to diet, what alse can uou recomend? im on 230 lb , i need to go down to 200 lb. will you help me? thanks in advanced.

  7. Hey Jonny I like this video a lot definitely going to try it out. Yet I live in a dorm and only really use the microwave. Can you show us some healthy meals cooked in a microwave? 

  8. Calories in, calories out doesn't matter, its actually a myth. Don't believe me though. Look it up. if you're eating the right foods you're good. If you're bulking, different story. 

  9. This kind of noodle is very common in Asian stores and I've been knowing them and eating them for like over ten years… Surprised to see so many of you guys don't know about it :-)

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