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Learn how to make fish cutlets at home, a mouth watering appetizer only on Get Curried

If you are on a seafood diet, then this recipe is just perfect for you! In this episode Chef Sneha Nair makes amazingly delicious and easy to make Fish Cutlets. Brighten your day with those cutlets. Watch the video and learn to make delicious Fish Cutlets only on Masala Trails on Get Curried

2 tbsp oil
8-9 chopped garlic cloves
1 inch finely chopped ginger
3-4 green chillies
2 finely chopped onions
1 chopped carrot
1/2 tsp of turmeric
1 tsp of red chilli powder
pinch of garam masala
2-3 mashed potatoes
142 g./5 oz. canned tuna fish
oil for frying
coriander leaves
2 egg whites
breadcrumbs for frying

– In a pan heat some oil, add garlic, ginger, chillies, onions and let the onions cook well.
– Add salt and carrots and cook it completely.
– Once the ingredients are cooked well, add turmeric, red chilli powder and garam masala.
– Mix it well for a few seconds, turn off the flame and allow the mixture to cool.
– Boil, peel and mash 2 to 3 mashed potatoes. Open the can of tuna fish, drain it and mix it with the potatoes.
– In a bowl mix together the cooked carrot and onion mix to mashed potatoes and tuna. Add a little bit of salt.
– Add coriander leaves to the whole mixture.
– Heat oil in a pan for frying. Make mini cutlets/patties of the mixture, coat them with breadcrumbs, then dip them into egg whites and fry them in the pan.
– Make sure you cook the cutlets on a low flame so that the cutlets are cooked from within.
– Fish Cutlets are ready to be served!

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Host: Sneha Nair
Director: Suchandra Basu
Camera: Manjeet Katariya, Kavaldeep Singh Jangwal, Akshay Durgule
Editing: Dinesh Shetty
Creative Head: Kavya Krishnaswamy
Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya
Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited

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  1. For your info, canned tuna is already cooked before its canned. So there is no worry of the fish 'not being cooked' as mentioned in the video.

  2. We had tones of Tuna and high Quality fish in our Sea. Tuna is not the greatest for taste. i don't like Tuna due to is dull taste. Try Mackerel which is in my hands. or Yellow tale baracuda thats will add lots of taste in this dish. Yellow tale have natural juices which are 100 time more better the tuna

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