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Stefan helps to cook a favourite dish with rich Fijian flavours. Tasty exotic recipes from BBC cooking video series Cooking in the Danger Zone.


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  1. @he6klgb6
    ROFL. "The words spoken by the Lord are called apauruñeya, meaning that they are different from words spoken by a person of the mundane world who is infected with four defects. A mundaner (1) is sure to commit mistakes, (2) is invariably illusioned, (3) has the tendency to cheat others and (4) is limited by imperfect senses. With these four imperfections, one cannot deliver perfect information of all-pervading knowledge." Your math is useless here it's already proved by Krsna!

  2. @TheVedicStudent mmmm those who are scared are those who turn to religion. Without the great atheist minds who build this modern world during the last century, what would a little Indian guy like you be? With religion, there is no progress. By the way, the number of living creatures on earth has never been constant. it is therefore impossible for all living creatures to "come back". This is mathematically impossible, but of course science and reason is no good friend of weird peoples like you.

  3. @he6klgb6

    Just like a men that lives in a dumpster doesn't think he stinks. That is your problem, you have been eating and smelling yourself that you cannot even smell yourself. Just like smokers stink and they cannot smell themselves. When someone who doesn't eat garlic or smoke can smell you from meters away. Trust me to a non onion stick out like sore thumb. We had a lady at post office smelling like onions from meters away as soon as she entered..

  4. @GSRFORSALE916 I actually eat heaps of garlic and onions and don't have the problem of breath stink, maybe because I always eat them with extra powrful chillies and I eat heaps of ice – yeah ice – for dessert with cheese?!?… Maybe the mixture kills whatever is responsible for the smell? I have a very very bizarre diet… I never brush my teeth (!) and never got any tooth decay in more than 30 years now… I guess there is a lot of "chemistry" involded here.

  5. @he6klgb6
    People who eat garlic and onions breath stink, secondly..when someone eats garlic,onions their sweat also is very nasty smell. Just imagine smokers.. ohh what's bad about onion and garlic is discussed google: ill effects of Onions & Garlic. Click the sixth result. If you stop eating onion and garlic your smell and taste gets enhanced. Just the benefit of not eating such nonsense stuff like garlic and have to try it to see the difference takes about 6 month to see benefits!

  6. @feichen1997

    How stupid are you my friend? Do you think only meat has protein? Beans, Dhal (red lentils) have much more protein. Plus you don't have to kill a living entity in such a gruesome way and incur sins. The thing is you most people are stupid, they don't know how to eat balance foods, we got Ayurveda tells what to eat and how to eat properly. So please don't ask stupid questions like that, next time you ask a silly question ask this a silly question! Most likely it will b

  7. @afa16
    Actually, I am vegetarian and don't consume meat, fish, onions, eggs, garlic. As we see these Natives most are overweight and die early. This video is a great example lol.. Why because it's the food. It's common sense, idiots cannot understand you are what you eat! Americans..all countries are full off idiots, who don't eat properly. Just by stopping eating these products you will see a drastic change in how you think and feel..not to mention the benefits for your body.

    so wat you're saying is poultry and coconut and spinach and tomatoes isn't good?? the life expectancy is higher in fiji than it is in the united states, what can u tell me??

  9. Fiji is full of good, cheap and fresh vegetables and fruits. What a paradise for a vegetarian! How sad that the SP islanders are so obese, they are so cute when they are fit.

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