Fisherman’s Pie – Cod & Spinach Casserole topped with Potato Crust


Learn how to make a Fisherman’s Pie Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Creamy Fish Baked with Spinach topped with Potato Crust recipe!


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  1. These videos are a public service. Obesity experts think a lot of the problem can be cured with home cooking. These videos are an excellent place to start. And they are hilarious. All my meals are home cooked but I learn a lot of new things on these videos.

  2. If you omit the salt when boiling potatoes for mashing you will get a much better result, add the salt when mashing with cream and butter. flavour with onion powder or what you think will go with the dish served with the mashed spuds

  3. Wow. Watched this and thought. No way that works. But I was so wrong. I used tilapia because that was what I had and it was great. I've added this to my repeatable seafood dish list. Don't be afraid of the cayenne….I used two smaller ramekins to prepare it in.
    Perfect for 2 people and less cleanup I was able to prep it early and let it sit in the refrigerator until I was ready to heat it. Turned out perfect just took a little longer. Use of The freakishly small spoon is a requirement…. no substitute allowed😄

  4. I love your videos and that does look very nice but theats not how you make fishermans pie. Your supposed to poach the fish in milk first and use that to make your sauce.

  5. I like the spinach idea. For me though a fish pie should also have some smoked fish (haddock especially) and some prawns. A bit of cheese on top doesn't go amiss either! Celiac (I think Chef John calls it celery root) mixed with the taters is another good hack to the recipe.

  6. Very nice combination of incredients… I love sea food, although I don't grade cod fish very highly in terms of taste, but I guess good cooking can transform even that, into something much better than expected.

  7. I love the dishes and love the way he describes them. Very clear and easy to follow. one day I might even cook one of them myself but why so much salt? I like the use of cayenne pepper.

  8. After a long day of studying and watching Food Wishes, I just started to read a paper about polyhedral silsesquioxane with the voice of Chef John in my head. And this makes it so much better!

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