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  1. Wow, you're an awesome Chef. When you make a video, you don't talk in that boring, monotonous, "I have no soul" tone of voice like most other chefs have on here! I really enjoyed this video, will definitely give this a try <3

  2. @mistaben2k
    Do you think so? You find them in the tinned veg aisle in pretty much every supermarket. I always seem to have a tin of butter beans in the cupboard.

  3. There is a german/austrian idiom: "Jedes Böhnchen gibt sein Tönchen." wich translates to "Each bean results in one sound" 🙂

    Maybe MysteryGuitarMan should try this dish and make a video :p

  4. I never use to use canned beans or canned anything for that matter, but now, I'm expecting my 4th child, and with 3 little ones to take care of and a vegetarian husband, I am very busy. So, yesterday, when I went shopping, I stocked up on canned beans. I bought a can of butter beans and when I got home, I thought, what the heck am I going to do with these? I found this recipe and was impressed how easy and yummy it looks. So I did it, and WOW! My family went nuts for it. THANKS

  5. i do something similar to this that works really well and is so easy. just fry off onions then add passata or tomato sauce. add extra herbs .i.e basil. then if you prefer spice add a ton of chile flakes. Next you wanna add the beans and let heat for some mins for the beans to absorb the flavours. then enjoy. simpl, healthy, cheap and tasty!

  6. Ough, once I had a can of ckickpeas; but when I opened the can, instead of what I wanted, inside were fava beans. Never having seen what a fava bean looked like, I thought they were contaminated and spoiled garbonzos; they scared the living white out of me. Then I knew better afterwords that they were mispackaged.

  7. Chef John… I've never heard of butter beans. (even though I live in Brazil and we eat beans daily!) Do they have any other name I can look them up by? Or will this work with any type of white bean??
    Thanks! Love all your recipes, as always! 🙂

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