Gluten-Free Carrot Cake (Moist & Fluffy)


Gluten-who? Honey you won’t be missing gluten at all once you taste this fluffy, moist gluten-free carrot cake! I bet you won’t even be able to tell a difference! This gluten-free carrot cake is packed full of sweet, fresh carrots and lightly spiced with cinnamon and brown sugar. And it’s super easy to make!



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Music by Kevin Macleod


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  1. Do you have an alternative to using the oil or sugar. I am trying to eat healthy and lose weight. I will probably replace the sugar with the Raw Coconut Sugar but not sure of the oil. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi! I made this cake yesterday and after I had assembled it and tried to cut it, the slices crumbled… I had to use a homemade gluten free flour blend (brown rice, white rice, potato starch, corn starch, tapioca starch and xantam gum) because we don't have Pamela's flour where I live (Brazil). Could it be the amount of carrots? I used 2 cups of the grated and the half cup of the pureed carrots, just as you did. I also baked it as one single cake on a 26 cm springform. It was difficult to know when to take it out of the oven because the surface appeared very set but when I inserted the toothpick it was wet in the middle. I just took it out of the oven when the toothpick came out dry, could it be I overcooked it? well, but anyway, the taste was great and the amount of moisture was sooo surprising for a gluten free cake!!!

  3. Love it!!! I just made a few adjustments, I used crushed pineapple instead of pureed carrots, added some walnuts, and a bit of extra cinnamon. Oh, yeah, and I made it in to cupcakes :)

  4. hi diva, I have couple questions, first can I use regular all purpose flour for this recipe? if so should I use the same measurement for all purpose flour as for the special flour you used in your recipe or how much should I use?
    second question is about metric measurements I am in Europe and it would be great if you could include metric measurements in your recipe on your website, though I can do the conversion online but with baking goods precision with measurement is a must. I hope it's not much to ask. thank you

  5. Please could you do something which is gluten free and wheat but also dairy free because my baby sister is all those and I thought if you could make something which gluten,wheat and dairy free I could make it for her x
    Thank you xxx

  6. I love how people think that gluten is the only thing that's bad for you, lol. GLUTEN FREE CARROT CAKE!!! Yea, but it has tons of ingredients that are just a bad for your stomach and digestive system. I love carrot cake, but this recipe is extremely unhealthy.

  7. Hi, that was my 1 st time make GF carrott cake. I find your recipe but I made some changes that I like to share with you. Gluten is very harmful to our body but SUGAR is almost the same BAD. So I skip the sugar and brown sugar and add Organic no sugar added Applesauce instead. Came out great! Thanks for the recipe enjoy your day!

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