Grandma’s Southern Cornbread Dressing Recipe


Nothing goes better with a juicy turkey and creamy gravy than some moist, soulful cornbread dressing. I use to could eat this stuff by the spoonfuls when I was younger, which is probably why I still prefer my grandmothers flavorful dressing to this day.

I love the texture of this cornbread dressing. It holds it’s shape when it’s cut and it’s so moist and full flavor.


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  1. Thanks diva can cook for this recipe for the life of me i can not cook dressing like my mom nor my granny and yes my granny put Toast in her dressing. all you ppl using that stove top stuffing what do u think your using toast. and so what dressing is like gumbo everyone makes theirs different so don't be rude cause its not your way or the way u were taught. i will be making this. thanks diva do you girl.

  2. Made thus recipe for Thanksgiving dinner!!! was absolutely delicious!!! I used jiffy cornbread and it was sooooo good!!!!!!!!👍👌🙋👏👏👏 I follow many of the recipes on this channel an I'm always pleased with the results!!

  3. this message is for khadiggan gaskin get some knowledge all love no hate here bck in the day every ethnicity made what they call a poor mans meal do research before passing judgement.

  4. Thank you! Excellent recipe, my granny taught me this and I needed to jog my memory on the measurements and such. One question though, I normally add it in the pan drippings (instead of broth) and turkey when making this, but this year I will be making it at my house and bringing it to my aunts. I saw somewhere else that they used sausage instead of turkey and was wondering what liquid I could add to make it moist. Should I do gravy, beef broth, or milk? What do you think? Also, for seasonings I'm thinking salt, sage, and black pepper at least, what other seasonings, if any, should I add?

  5. its like when you move up north of Africa you realise just how similar black Americans are to north Africans. The palates are almost one thing. very high in carbs.

  6. Hello, Ms. Diva! Before this recipe, Hubby forbade me to make cornbread dressing! I made this recipe for Thanksgiving and for Christmas dinner, and he loves it! Thank you for real home-style recipes. Merry Christmas!

  7. Thanks for posting this recipe , I'm not a great cook (bad memory)so I always refer back to YouTube vids. for refreshers ,yours is the closest to what I do than any other I've watched , the only differences are I don't use corn bread , I use a mixture of wheat bread and  Italian bread(the long uncut loafs) I cut both up and toast it and I'm always cooking a turkey when I make it so I use some Turkey shredded up and the some broth from the turkey mixed with chicken broth! Bottom line is make what yah love and enjoy it!

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