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How To make Paella de Marisco. This is the recipe for Spanish seafood Paella that tastes great. The bald Chef shows you how to cook real Paella Valencia, located in eastern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. Saffron give this rice dish it’s yellow color. The recipe features, Shrimp, Squid, Lobster, and Clams. This is a easy recipe to cook and I believe you will love it. These are many ways to cook this recipe from Valencia, Spain but I like the Marisco version best. For more information on this Paella recipe see


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  1. Great Recipe! I used a 12" Paella pan, had to adjust cooking times and heat. Definately need to add salt. Otherwise a good recipe. Recommend it for sure. Just add salt.

  2. i don't understand since I comment one video always I get paella videos.
    the most important is get a good fish stock. We never use vegetables on sea food paella just half red pepper and garlic that fry before fry the tomato. as well before of that fry the sea food as squid and small prawns withouth skins you can used the skin and head to make the stock as well you'd cook apart the mussel and use the water that comes out and mix with stock. as Valencia we usually never use onion because make rice soft. you can use a bit of Spanish paprika and white dry wine.
    I love seafood paella, fidehua and black rice yummy yummy.

  3. Sincere apologies Bald Chef. I was nervous about making this dish for a couple whose wife is a master cook, I was stretching myself too much. Again, I'm doing it again tonight and I went on your website which has the categories on the left hand side and again, couldn't find it. I'm leaving out the lobster this time b/c it wasn't cooked enough last time and my rice wasn't cooked along the side of my paella pan. I got a tip to move it around the burner (I'm in hawaii and using an electric burner which is a devil to cook on. Anyway, this time I bought lobster claws which are cooked and I will add them at the end. Again, sorry for the ignorance on my part!

  4. Looks delicious…I would liked to try your recipe. I'm wondering if I could toss in some crab claws as well?  Also, at times I cannot here what your saying, so I will use your printed recipe…Thank you and looking forward to some of your other recipes..Richie

  5. Great Paella, the only recommendation I want to add to this amazing recipe is that you need to let the rice fry a little longer and stir a little longer because that's the whole point of the Paella. Paella is a fried rice dish with seafood and meat.

  6. i halfway tried the recipe but i had the wrong rice so i just enjoyed the seafood because i had parboiled rice.. you specifically stated thats the rong rice i have to follow the recipe lol

  7. HOLY CRAP,,,,,just say that's how you make…your paella…don't ever apoljz…for the rest of the world..just make it the way you like it..and its looks good…I make it diff…but who cares…really…your recipe is great…and I use chiken,pork and sea food…to make my mariscos paella…maricos I know that it is sea food , but I'm from south america and that's how my mother use to cook it…excellent work….You can even smell it….Yes I do diff…

  8. I'm definitely gonna try this with the exception of peas & calamari because I'm not a fan of those. I'm glad you used saffron because some others on here didn't & that is key to great Paella along with clams or mussels in my opinion in terms of flavor. This looks great, one of the best looking recipes for Paella on YouTube.

  9. This Paella looks fabulous!!!  It reminds me of paella i had for my BDay at this wonderful Spanish restaurant in of all places Germany!  i think i'm going to try cooking your recipe for my 50th BDay.  Thanks so much Chef!!!!

  10. I love Paella, and your recipe looks delicious.   My wife and I have often made it with the Goya saffron paella rice kit, which is cheating a bit, I know.  But we always add in a ton of fresh seafood from the Gulf Coast seafood markets by us.    …..Looks yummy.

  11. No doubt you know what you are doing. Like what you said even in Spain there are different ways to make it so what is the big deal on your way of cooking. Yes, the ingredients are expensive primarily the real "saffron" , lobster,and the rice. Your recipe sure does looks good. Thanks for sharing. Luv it.

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