Grilled Fish and Chips with Slaw recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Black Iron Fish Fillets and Fries, with a side of fresh made Coleslaw, makes for good eating at the Pit. And it’s real easy to grill using a few simple tips, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.


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  1. I never liked slaw, however I've only had the Area 51 slaw that you get at KFC or Long John Silver's. I'm going to try your recipe tomorrow. My 6 year old daughter and I love your show. Whenever we eat something that we made, she gives a thumbs up and says "It's guuuud!"

  2. I make my own slaw too;  I love your show;  and your all good cooks.  I make mine using milk, sugar, dill pickle juice and mayo.  I haven't made it for so long; maybe I should.  Love this show

  3. Looks OK, but if you want a real fish fry you need to come to Milwaukee on a Friday night in winter…deep fried cod or perch with German potato pancakes with apple sauce and cabbage slaw with a tall wiessbeer to wash it down. Mmm..gooood! Every eatery and tavern in town has its own version…

  4. Awesome job on these meals although I would've done the fish a bit differently….maybe made them more brown. But like you said, "it's all about preference" and either way….smells GOOD!

  5. Sadly I'm alergic to seafood(iodine) =( But it looks good boys! … To the slaw.. add shreaded carots and alil horseradish to it! I could eat it (seafood fish) but I have to take a tone of meds. a few hr's before I chow down . =)

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