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Fry it up. As promised, Mediterranean Grilled Octopus recipe, the second of our two part “Octopus Recipes”. More Greek than Italian in this case. Last week was “Octopus Salad” which you can see here
This is a really simple dish that is really hard not to love. Enjoy.

These recipes are follow ups to our popular video on how to boil your octopus to make it tender and make it recipe ready. View here.
And, if you missed part 1, Octopus Salad, you can view that one here
Need a third option? This one is more fish and some octopus. It’s a kind of ceviche style dish, and interesting to see

How to Grill Octopus, recipe recap on the blog:


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  1. I did it!  Thanks for teaching me how. It turned out perfectly. the only thing I changed was putting in a little vinegar and lemon peel in the poaching water, and lemon in the marinade. It was perfect! I did the cork and the bread trick and it worked like a charm.

  2. Hey nice work. I give you tip….don´t use plastic breadboard, because it blunts your knife pretty fast….best is use wooden breadboard and your knife stay sharp for longer time.

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