Guinea Pig Diet: Fruits and Vegetables Made Easy!


Fresh vegetables and fruits (occasionally) are an important part of your guinea pigs diet. I’ve broken down fruits and vegetables into 5 rough groups to help you plan your piggies meals!

BUT – don’t forget that a constant supply of fresh hay is the most important part of any guinea pig diet!

1. Big and leafy! This group includes all lettuces (do not feed iceberg), spring greens (cabbage type vegetables not often) and other leaves like watercress, rocket and spinach (spinach is high in calcium). Try to feed one or two a day from this group.

2. Herbs! Some good herbs include coriander, parsley (high in calcium), dill, mint and basil. Add one to your piggies veggie meal to increase variety.

3. Vitamin C boosters! Red bell peppers are great (don’t feed chilli peppers!) and come top for vitamin C content. Other ones high on the list are parsley, spinach, kale, broccoli, green peppers, sprouts, dill… See the full list in the link provided below! Try to give one thing high in vitamin C every day.

4. Fruits! Only feed one small piece once, or twice a week. See what you have in the house, you shouldn’t have to buy anything especially. You never know, it might even get you eating more fruits!

5. ‘Filler’ veg! All other veggies you can feed, such as celery, cucumber, carrots, courgettes, beans, see a full list in the links below. Try to offer at least two from this group in addition to the other categories.

Useful links:
Vitamin C chart:
Lists and descriptions:
List and what not to feed:
Comprehensive nutrition charts:

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  1. I plan on getting two guinea pigs soon. I understand that they should get a variety of fruits and veggies (1 cup each). My question is: Do I give them 1/2 cup each in the morning and then night or is the recommendation for both meals (breakfast/dinner) 1 cup? Meaning I would give them 2 cups daily. Also, is there a way to make sure they both get the recommended amount, like would I have to split them up?

  2. As shown in the video, she gave 2 bowls of veggies to her piggies.. would it be okay to give one bowl to one piggy? I give my piggy veggies/fruits in the morning, and pellets in the afternoon.. how do you feed your Guinea pigs?

  3. My female guinea pig is about 2 years old, and every time she eats celery, she starts to cough of hiccup. Should I take her to the vet?? Please leave advice🐹🐹🐹

  4. I give mine a yellow, green or red mostly red pepper a day with some curly kale, carrots, cucumber, broccoli occasionally, and also apples and strawberries 1-2 times a week xx

  5. My pigs refuse to eat bell pepper! When I first introduced them to veggies, they wouldn't eat any of them, but now they squeak for them everyday. When I try to feed bell peppers (I've tried every color, trust me) they don't even touch them πŸ™ should I just continue trying to feed them the pepper or try something else? I give them a leaf of lettuce, half of a baby carrot and half of a cherry tomato (per pig) a day. Then, depending on what we have that day, I give them an extra veggie or two along with that. What shoukd I use in place of a bell pepper? I'm worried that they're not getting the correct amount of vitamin c.

  6. I just got a baby guinea pig (he's 3-4 months) I got him from a pet store that ONLY accepts guinea pigs / rabbits that are rescues.
    When I adopted him he was on a no veggie diet and now I have no clue how to introduce him to veggies πŸ™ he really likes banana chips, and I've only give him two little chips of that so far. but I've tried green red bell pepper, celery, green red pepper, basil… :/ HE just won't! What do I do?

  7. Hey! I just got a guinea pig 2 days ago, she is eating hay and pellets fine but when I give her veggies she will only eat cucumbers but wont touch the other veggies I give her. Do you think she will ever start eating the other veggies? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  8. My guinea pigs (I have 6) all like cucumber lettuce and blueberries like when I go to put it in the cage they cluster round my hand and then they fight over it sigh I'm always telling 2 of the adults off for fighting. I say Stop and click my fingers. I give them blueberries once a week, cucumber 3 times a week and lettuce everyday

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