Haitian Potato Salad : Potato Salad Recipes


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Haitian potato salad needs to be prepared in a very particular way for the maximum amount of authenticity. Make Haitian potato salad with help from a passionate chef and culinary instructor in this free video clip.

Expert: Chef Amee Hoge
Filmmaker: William Watters

Series Description: If you think there’s only one way to make a delicious potato salad right at home, think again. Get tips on how to make a wide variety of different delicious potato salads with help from a passionate chef and culinary instructor in this free video series.


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  1. It looks beautiful. She said that she was putting her own twist to it. It's her own potato salad inspired by the Haitian style potato salad. I approve as a haitian

  2. Not sure why people in the comments feel the need to put their opinions out there in a rude way…..but I applaud your attempt at putting Haitian Cuisine/flavors out there for those who are interested….. HOWEVER, as A Haitian American myself, I have to say I have never met a Haitian who used Red Onions…..Yellow or white onions all the way with us….and the beet quantity should be enough that it turns the entire salad purple.

  3. Thanks for this version. Actually Haitians put a lot more beets than that. It's actually called salad betrav (beet salad). The flavor of the beets are stronger than that of the potatoes. You can also add some corn, relish, parsley and celery.

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