Handi Fish Fry Recipe by Zubaida Tariq April 28, 2015


Watch online Handi‬ Fish Fry & Khubani Ka Meetha Recipe by Chef ‎Zubaida Tariq‬ April 28, 2015 Fish Fry & Khubani Ka Meetha Masala TV Show Full at high, HD and best quality Only on Official channel. Taste of Khubani Ka Meetha Chef ‎Zubaida Tariq‬ Recipe is made with common ingredients but a little change in cooking give an amazing taste. Chef ‎Zubaida Tariq‬is a Pakistani chef with a TV show on
the Pakistani Food/Cooking channel Masala TV.

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  1. As Salaam Alekum zubaida aapa.. I m from India…i love ur recipes and ur tips… I tried ur many recipes and they were awesome.. Khuda aapko salamat rakhe… Aameen… Zubaida aapa I need ur suggestions for my daughters.. My elder daughter is 7 yrs old and she is suffering from eyes allergy from past 4yrs,she keep rubbing her eyes, her eyes have become pale, I tried all medicines, also washing her eyes with amla everyday but cudnt see much difference so kindly suggest me sumthg for her… Secondly my younger daughter is 3yrs old but she is too weak,I dnt find much strength in her legs, ven she runs, she doesn't have balance and frequently she falls, m giving her cod liver capsules, can you please suggest me sumthg which make her bones strong and healthy… I will be waiting to hear from you soon… Plz plz help me with this… Khuda hafiz

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