Health and Diet According To The Scriptures by Paul Nison

37 Here is my lecture Diet According to The Scriptures. by Paul Nison


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  1. Deuteronomy states not to eat any meat unless its fish with scales and fins .
    acts 10:9 says peter saw a certain vessel. yah neveeeeer says what ever is unclean is clean .
    his rules are there forever

  2. The Green TREE on Facebook>>>
    The Vegan group> heal any disease including Ebola, Lou Gehrig's, MS, endless
    use plenty of natural Gels, Sponges, Gums, Rubbers & Waxes which are found in our vegan God-implemented diet in Genesis 1:29-31, suggested in Isaiah 11th chapter, repleated in Isaiah 65:25, and finally predicted in Revelation as the Diet of that Crystal White City which is to be New Jerusalem…
    Revelation 21st & 22nd which expound the vegan regimen to be with the Tree of Life in the middle of the City> Revelation 22:2 "and the leaves of the Tree (of Life) shall be for the healing of the nations"

  3. Hey Paul, two questions 4 you…
    i have a book, is it a good one to follow.
    Natures wealth from Rabbi Moshe Cohen Shaouli…
    and in one of your teachings you say, one of the guideline the Almighty gave was to eat lam ones a year at a jewish feast…
    can you tell more about that?
    i found out Lam is one of the meats with the most iron and B12 in it…
    But I'm vegetarian for 18 years now, so…

  4. This is wonderful. God bless you Paul. I wish this video had more views. I belong to a church, and we keep Sabbath and the health message. This is a blessing the world really needs to see.

  5. Actually from a biological standpoint, viruses are technically lacking characteristics that categorize them as living organisms. They need a host in order to replicate their genetic information, so they hijack the host cell's genetic replication machinery because they cannot create enzymes like DNA Polymerase, ligse, heliocase, etc.

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