Healthy Recipe – Italian Fish Dish (easy to cook and low fat)

Who says healthy eating can’t be delicious!! This is so tasty, easy to make and full off goodness for you.
All you need for this is:
1 Red pepper
Frozen peas
Low fat creme fraiche
Sprig of mint
1 Cod fillet
Pinch of mixed herbs.
When you cook the food , you now exactly what you are eating and no hidden nasty ingredients, plus it is so much cheaper!!
Hope you like it.
Lucy xx


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  1. Looks amazing, Lucy! I love the idea of a pea mash! Your workouts have helped me so much! I loathe the gym and I love I can get in shape in my living room and outside. Thank you!

  2. Hiiii Lucy! It's been a while since I did one of your workouts unfortunately, because I've been so lazy aaah, do you have any advice for lazyness? :p

    I think I start tomorrow again with your workouts <3

  3. hi Lucy how are u can u please help me out i just wanted to lose my belly fat i had a baby last year and belly is still same 😯😯 please help me love your videos and u

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