How to boil/cook noodles perfectly,How to cook Pasta


In this video, I have shown how to cook or boil noodles or Pasta in a perfect way. So now, after watching this video, you will find it very easy to cook noodles or Pasta.
vegetable hakka noodles is a popular indo chinese dish that one can get in most restaurants in india and in the roadside chinese street food joints. Hakka noodles is not only popular with kids, but also with grown ups.
The veggies added to hakka noodles have to really chopped fine or cut into julienne as all the stir frying is done at a high heat.
If you are non-vegetarian then add Chicken Shreds to this recipe and enjoy Non-Veg noodles.
Enjoy this video of Veg Hakka noodles,Vegetable Hakka Noodles,Indo-chinese Noodles.

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Following are the ingredients to boil noodles:


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