How To Make Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken Recipe


GET RECIPE: Fried chicken time!! Today we’re making some of this juicy, crispy, crunchy spicy fried chicken! I don’t care what anybody says, fried chicken is just plain fun to eat! There is something amazing about sinking your teeth down into that crispy, crunchy coating and into the juicy, tender flavorful meat.

This spicy fried chicken takes me to my salty, smokey happy place! Join me!!


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  1. Monique, I am a professional firefighter, in Montrรฉal Canada, and am the cook for my shift, of 12 firefighters. This is the second recipe that I have used from your site, the other was the spicey vegitable chilli, and both recipes my entire gang were AAAAAAAAAAMMAZED!I also cook for my wife of 20 years, at home and she as well loved them both!!!!! :-)I LOVE your enthusiasm and your style of teaching, and yes all of your recipies, please keep them coming!!!! J

  2. I came here from a previous fried chicken video and all he did was sprinkle a few stuff in the flour and fry it. I was like so am I just supposed to pretend that you not just eating seasoned skin??? What about the rest of the chicken? I'm Jamaican. I don't play like that. Throughout your video, I'm just like yaaaaasssss…. seasoning alla that!!!!

  3. First video I've watched on your channel. Absolutely loved it. I feel like I've found the golden key. Thanks to you…now I can get my behind in the kitchen and cook my husband to be some good ole southern comfort food!!!Your passion/dedication has just earned you another #NEWSUB

    P.S. Your videos are sooo fun to watch…I feel like I'm in a cooking class! #TAKENOTES

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