How to make Djon Djon! (Haitian Black Rice)



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  1. *Edit: I see you use Basmati rice! I usually use a regular parboiled rice….the grains look really long.

    Oh and I think it is a complete sin not to put shrimp in there. 😉

    I make it how my mother makes it and she's from Au Cap , instead of beans she uses green peas and adds shrimp.

  2. djon-djon is a mushroom. It is hard to get here in NJ but you can find the maggi bullion djon-djon in most supermarkets. Maggi is a brand of boullion used for seasoning.

  3. Hi, I was wondering what type of rice do you use? Jasmine, Basmati, parboiled? 
    Also if using three cups of water how many maggi djon djon cubes do you use?

  4. My rice is getting more better now thank you for that but my little problem is my rice dont become as black as yours i want it to be more black like yours so next time when i do it again im gonna make sure i have everything so i can make it more black so i can make my diri djon djon real good i wanna practice more so my bf could love my food lol.

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