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Looking for a quick and easy authentic Mexican recipe on how to make flautas? Visit Clarita’s Corner for a step by step guide to making this delicious dish. See how.


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  2. Thanks so much! Been wanting recipes like this for a long time. I have a request – would love to see all the different kinds of hot sauces from Mexican tacos shops replicated if possible. It seems like there are lots of variations and I love em all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Clarita!

    I know this is random, but my name is Nicole and I'm casting a new show for FOX called "The F Word" with Gordon Ramsay. The F stands for food!
    We're looking for teams of 4 that love to cook and would want to compete in this new cooking competition. I love your videos and thought you may be great for this! Let me know if you're at all interested, I would love to give you some more information!

  4. I just discovered your channel and subscribed. Good stuff. I need to marry someone like you. Actually…… lol. One thing though……you know better than calling cilantro coriander. jk. giving you a hard time.

  5. Thank you! I am looking forward to more of your videos. New subscriber and this actually looks delicious and not too spicy! I hope you do more like this for us wimpy Mexican food lovers.

  6. I always thought that flautas used fried tortillas de harina while taquitos are just tortillas de maiz. I have a very hard time frying up with tortillas de harina. Any suggestions?

  7. You're a Beautiful Lady' I might add with some Awesome' Authentic Mexican' recipes. I absolutely love Mexican foods!!ย Thank You' Clarita for sharing your recipes with us……

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