How to make Marco’s Classic Fish Pie | Marco Pierre White Recipe


Watch Chef Marco Pierre White as he shows you how he makes his deliciously delicate Classic Fish Pie. An easy recipe from Knorr.

With a creamy roux sauce as a base and enriched with flavour from a Knorr Fish Stock Pot, this classic fish pie is embedded with gently poached fish and prawns and layered with blanched leeks, hard-boiled eggs, mild cheddar cheese and smooth mashed potato and baked until beautifully golden.

1 Knorr Fish Stock Pot
20g butter
20g flour
100ml double cream
50g handful of grated mild Cheddar cheese
100g white fish fillet, chopped into round 2.5cm squares
100g salmon fillet, chopped into round 2.5cm squares
100g smoked haddock, chopped into round 2.5cm squares
100g peeled, headless raw prawns
3 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and quartered
150g baby leeks, blanched, chopped, patted dry
1kg mashed potato (made by peeling 1kg potatoes, boiling until tender and mashing with double cream or milk and 2–3 egg yolks)

For a healthier option instead of using 100ml of double cream you can use 50ml of cream mixed with 50ml of milk.

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