How to Make Meat Pie/Fish Pie


How to Make Meat Pie/Fish Pie
Ingredients (DOUGH)
*1Kg All Purpose Flour
*500g Margarine/butter
*1 and half Tsp Salt
*Cold Water

Ingredients (Filling)
*Minced Meat
*Diced Onions
*Diced Carrots
*Stock Cube (optional)
*Black/White Pepper


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  1. just made my meatpies for the first time… forgot nutmeg..
    I was trying to remember my mother's recipe and got everything but the nutmeg…

    mine are in the oven now lol, and they're looking amazing! it wasn't until watching you video that I was like "ahaa, nutmeg n)" :/

  2. Hi, I just tried your recipe, it came out very salty, I think 2tsp salt is too much for this recipe. Pls check and do something about it, I think it should be only a tsp salt.

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