How to Make Nut Yogurt: High Fat Raw Vegan Recipes


High fat, low carb raw vegan recipe that is a staple for any ketogenic dieter. Replace dairy with this nut yogurt and watch your health soar! You’ll lose weight faster and actually improve your cardiovascular health. This is a fermented nut or seed yogurt, you can use any nut or seed that you like. This process breaks down the nuts and seeds so that they are easy to digest. This is the only way to really eat nuts and seeds.

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  1. I prefer organic hulled sesame seeds since they contain saturated fat(more testosterone production). I've been thinking about making plant based cheeses. What kind of probiotic are you using?

  2. nut yoghurts are great. i have eaten them every day for about a month or so and my digestion is doing well. I ate 500 grams peanut butter within 4 days, do you think i am addicted XD

  3. When u first started consuming the raw nut/seed yogurts, did u experience any gi issues? Did u have to ease into eating the amount u consume currently (ie, start with a couple spoonfuls to get used to the fat and bacteria)? I have severe gi issues and fermented foods and fats always bother me, but I am curious to see if this would help

  4. Dude pls show me a study that says bacteriaprobiotics break down fat to fatty acids,
    and proteins to amino acids. I think this is not true. In my understanding bacteria feedferment
    on sugars they dont do anything with proteins and fats.

  5. Can I replace chlorella with spirulina? and I wonder if I can eat this with UC and if it matters which probiotics to use? P.S. you inspired me to move from depression to the real healing. thank you!

  6. Thanx For That Brother… What other Nuts Do you use for your yoghurt recipes… Also thank Dog err Cat that you're a Vegan with a sense of humor… mucho appreciated!!

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