How to make Southern Fried Catfish – I Heart Recipes


Easy cooking tutorial on how to cook Southern Fried Catfish. Get the recipe here

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  1. Rosie have you ever tried to fry fish with an air fryer? I bought one last year and it's my go to for frying now, but the basket is not as large as I hoped.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. I wouldn't have ever known to use the buttermilk and I don't eat fish but my husband absolutely LOVES catfish. Think I'll try to surprise him next week 🙂

  3. I am such a bad fryer — can't do it without a thermometer or things just don't work out!  But his looks so good and would be yummy with collards and some biscuits.

  4. I've never tried buttermilk on catfish, but it makes perfect sense. I'll try that on the next batch. My go-to as a general purpose Cajun seasoning is Slap Ya Mama. Good stuff.

    Thanks as always, Rosie!

  5. Lawd have mercy! When you went to mentioning the mac n cheese, collard greens, and corn bread I was definitely sold! Lol! Nothing like some good ol' soulfood! Keep these delicious recipes coming lady! 😉

  6. Rosie you are amazing…your fried catfish looks so good and crispy. All of your recipes are amazing. Please continue to dazzle us with your awesomeness.
    Thank you for sharing this recipe…I love it.

    Anyone looking to grow their channel? subscribe to me and I will subscribe to you it's just that simple.

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