How To Make The Best Haitian Bouillon


Haitian Bouillon Recipe

1 lbita
bunch of watercress
½ cup green beans
1 small onions
bunch scallions
bunch of carrots
2 white malanga
2 medium potatoes
1 cup flour
2 boxes of beef broth
some cilantro to your taste
some parsley
some thyme
1 hot pepper of your choice
salt and pepper to your taste

Brown meat separately set aside bring all the vegetables in a large pot add beef broth cook well add meat set aside some of the broth to make dumplings by simply roll the flour into small amount of broth about ½ cup roll into little balls drop in soup.
Crush the malanga in the soup to make it thicker.
Umm good enjoy.


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  1. Wow…. These people with all the negative comments….. How do u know where she is from in Haiti that this is not the way they taught her how to make it …. People succeed in life by being different…. Don't u think it's boring for all Haitians to cook the same way….. Think about it …. Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King , they all have the same concept but different ways of cooking it…. No one will never succeed by being the same as everyone else…. Thx u for sharing…. It's different but looks good…. #togetherwestandsividedwefall

  2. sometime some people need shut up she did a good jobs not everybody make stuff the same way i know whoever talking shit not even know how to make any food so femen diol yo depi yo jwen kaka american yap manje yo bliye ki kote yo soti bon salap sis pan pale prop nation nous mal bon mal propte sis pale afe moun mal

  3. just because we came doesnt mean we dont know how to make bouillon me literally i wanted to see if all hatians do it the same way my mom does it which is fye this shit is nothing like haitian bouillon but im not haring im gonna give her props and that she had balls enough to post this video when she know damn well haitian people are critic and seriously this not bouillon its more liquidly that you are able to sip it it requires organic vegetables no canned first time see this and hatians like grinding alot garlic scallion green onion for seasoning but yea like i say nice try and for those that liked it and would like to try go ahead but this is not bouillon maybe as my mom would say se pa bouillon se bouna lol peace

  4. Great Job! :-)…it looks like a lot of work making this dish however, it looks very fulfilling!….suggestion for future video, have all your items more organized and portioned in nice containers, that would help with your presentation and professionalism :-)…Thanks for sharing! I love your videos. Keep it up! 🙂

  5. I hate how judgmental you guys are about her videos. Now, I see why in her own channel she disabled comments and I'm seeing a lot of other people teaching how to cook Haitian food and instead of them talking to guide us on how to do it or what they are doing next, they rather write it on the screen. I commend Joanna Benoit for keeping on although people are nasty to her.

    Furthermore, it's not easy to cook and hold the camera and film what you're doing at the same time. I really don't know how she does it and I think it might be all of this multitasking that make her speech a bit scattered and keep saying uhm a lot.

    Last but not least no cook has exactly the same methods of cooking the same thing. All you can do is take what you want from it and add your own twist to it. that's it. She doesn't have to cook it exactly the way your mama makes it. aiight.

    If you can do better, please do make your own channel and show us. Remember to invite me to it. I'll definitely stop by and take a look at your masterpiece. 😉

  6. what in God's name is this! that's an insult to Haitian cooking, that to me is a pot of hot mess, not bouillon, please ask some body to teach you how to really cook Haitian food cause that's not it boo, I started to learned how to cook, clean, wash etc… at the age of 9, by the time I was 12, I was able to cook any kind of food, therefore I really know my way around the kitchen and as an Archelois I am very much offended by that stupid video of yours.

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