Island style Curry Pork Recipe.


Chris De La Rosa of shares his take on island style curry pork (pork curry). Seasoned with Caribbean Green Seasoning, then braised in a wonderful curry sauce made with madras curry, this curry pork is absolutely delightful.

This mouth water curry recipe is base don the traditional way of cooking curry meats in the Caribbean, especially Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Guyana.

To learn how to make Caribbean Green Seasoning, see:

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  1. Hi Chris. Love your recipes. I dated a West Indian man for 11 years and really miss the food. i can cook some of the dishes i really like but don't remember how to cook curry green bean, ( those real long ones) potato curry. i love eating bara but like to dip it in curry. don't care for the chick peas so i wanted a curry recipes i can dip and eat , but with out making a curry chicken meal. do you have a recipe for a nice Guyanese bara and a veggie curry to dip. I hope to hear from you. love ur videos. 🙂 oh ya, wanted to know if you can explain the difference between the Jamaican and Guyanese curry, and how i would make it Guyanese. Love the Guyanese flavor. I find the Jamaican to spicy. ty.

  2. I was wondering if you knew how to make Jamaican curry noodles, I have ordered some at Jerk King and it's to die for and not sure what noodles they use either. 

  3. chris i'm trini now my husband says i don't make callaloo, he says  i make dasheen bush now i don't see the difference, now u tell me is callaloo suppose to be thick or like water

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