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  1. Alexander Hamilton and Grover Cleveland are on the $1,000 bill. James Madison is on the $5,000 bill. Salmon P. Chase (Secretary of the Treasury from 1861 – 1864) is on the $10,000 bill

  2. i went vegetarian about 2 years ago, and i dont really have a desire to go back to meat. at first it was mainly an ethical thing for me, but now i just hate the taste and the texture and the feeling of consuming another creatures muscle tissue. i have a sedentary life so i dont really have the need to consume many calories though.

  3. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and weak. I'm a vegan, and I take this to keep my energy level high. Simply put.

  4. Interesting question.. people sometimes when they hit 25 or 26+ their Metabolism slows down, so if this happens to me will i need less calories? therefore ill have more energy because my body will slow down burning calories.. ???? ☺

  5. The body turns fat into energy effectively? Better than carbohydrates? (sugar, what our brain runs on) there's only one thing that makes a brain grow and that is a surplus of energy.

    Ketosis is a state of starvation. people desire carbohydrates(energy) naturally.

    You ignore physiology with macronutrients but oh it's so important when you want to dogmatically follow the belief that we have to eat meat to suit your pleasure and convenience, yet humans being herbivorous is just vegan ideology…

    You think you are backed by science based on vague conclusions about humans eating meat for perhaps one million years but this is destroyed by millions of years of prior evolution. Compare our teeth with a chimp (frugivore) then come talk to me. Along with the length of our intestines. All consistent with being designed for plant matter. Although we can potentially eat animal parts for the purpose of survival in extreme environments, there is no large successful civilization that has eaten predominantly animals

  6. Monkeys eat mostly fruits and leaves and insects, a very small percentage of their diet is flesh. Also, veganism isn't a diet, it's about the animals. Plant based is a diet. And a very good one. I think ketosis is dangerous because it isn't our natural state. Normally your body enters ketosis when it is starving or dying.

  7. I had 2 vegetarian roommates and I ate more vegetables than both of them combined. 90% of their diets were bread, pastas, cheese pizzas, cakes and cookies. I remember thinking that being a vegetarian would be easy because you just eat desert all the time. Consequently they are shaped like pears.

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