KAI ORA: On a boat in the Hauraki Gulf, Anne cooks a range of freshly caught seafood for her guests


Anne goes out on the boat with Sam Kereopa, a commercial freediver; Kim Holder, local businesswoman; and Ngatapa Black, musician.

– Mussels pan-fried with garlic, onion and capsicum
– Crayfish, cook’s turbans, kina and paua done straight on the barbecue
– Pan-fried snapper and hapuka done with kamokamo and eggplant and topped with coriander and chilli

Fresh, unadulterated fare, mixed with fabulous music and eclectic guests are the essential ingredients for KAI ORA, a cuisine show on The Food Channel and Maori Television.


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  1. I know a lot of people who like kinas but I personally don't like them. its kind of like maori corn, it smells so revolting and any maori can say this. but it tastes like a sweet warm porridge. like kinas the same concept but the taste is a bit different.

  2. Personally i don't really dig all the addons but the way it looks i wouldn't actually mind…Not to be blunt but thing that put me of was the fact that she cooking the kina some people may like it that way but for me i like my kina straight from the sea where its at its freshest i do feel like she has over crowded the snapper in saying that if i was starving id eat it any how lol

  3. i am no big cook but the only thing giving her food flavor would of been ginger and lemon and salt , everything else were largely diced and berly cooked , fresh yes , but leaves the meat flavourless

  4. You guys live in sea food heaven. Unfortunately, for the rest of the world we can only dream about fresh hand caught fish and shellfish that fresh and large simply doesn't exist. You can't even buy it.

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