LOW CALORIE RECIPES How To Make Hamburgers And Sweet Potato Fries CHEF BOYAR BADDEST


In this video you will learn How To Make Hamburgers and sweet potato fries
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How to make sweet potato french fries
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  1. The two cups a day (with a glass of water before I eat) have worked wonders. Of course with any product you take for a weightloss, you have to watch what you are eating, but Weight loss green store tea does make me feel lighter and more active.

  2. hello pudding pop, I love your introduction of comic theme, very passionate. cool. and you are unique. wish you all the best in the upcoming new year of 2017 . Reality is we only need health , the rest we earn in life. all the best.

    p.s. can you please make lamb chops and garlic fries or your choice. thanks

  3. Hey Marjan, bless you! kudos for uploading a video despite not feeling well. I told you not to neglect your zinc and vitamin C and see what happens? Haha just kidding, really hope you're feeling better.
    Great recipe! Everything looked delicious, in fact I'll probably make that for dinner tonight. It's easy to forget the simplest recipes can be the most health conscious. Also since you obviously love spicy foods as I do, what I like to do is chop the jalapeño into tiny pieces and mix it with the meat along with some of the jalapeño juice itself. This way when it cooks the juice keeps it moist while the peppers tend to roast a bit giving a smoky and spicy flavor.
    If you are looking for more cooking ideas I would really like to see some ethnic recipes. Perhaps some you had while growing up. I feel like the traditional dishes have been done to death and given your Persian ethnicity I'm sure there are some unique dishes you can share to open our minds and palates. Feel better Sweetheart

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