Low Fat Alfredo Sauce


Chef Jason Hill of http://www.CookingSessions.com shares this recipe for low fat alfredo sauce in this episode of “Chef Tips.” One of our favorite healthy recipes for pasta sauce, this recipe uses cauliflower puree as the base, cutting down on the fat and calories. Instead of loading up on butter and cream, you use mashed cauliflower to thicken and flavor the sauce. It’s a great way to sneak vegetables into your family’s meal plan, and our kids cannot taste the difference! Honest! Cauliflower recipes are rich in nutrients and anti-cancer properties, so you can’t go wrong. For the full printed recipe, along with more cooking videos and chef secrets, go to http://www.CookingSessions.com SUBSCRIBE! http://tinyurl.com/kfrblj7
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  1. i use fat free or low fat milk boil it mix with little mashed potato chicken and corn starch to thicken , you will have a milky cheesy thick sauce, same sauce instead of chicken ad clams and instead of mashed potato just cut the potato into small pcs , and you will have a clam chowder new England style soup , try it its as ez as making a cup of coffee, healthy non fat without cheese, ground black pepper is the key

  2. @TheCjamez
    I think plain fat free(or not) greek yogurt would work?? I was going to try it with fat free sour cream ..i always seem to use those 2 ingredients to substitute for anything that needs cream.

    this cauliflower idea is very sneaky! muahaha!

  3. @ChefTips Regardless it looks awesome. But I hope chefs should really consider not just lowering the fat but also lowering the glycemic index. The huge amount of insulin due to sudden flow of sugars in our blood is what really makes us fat. Most low-fat food are low in fat but high in simple carbohydrates or high in glycemic index which make us fat. Well at least according to this -> watch?v=SSLn0vGh5ZQ

  4. I did this for dinner last night. I LOVED it! Great & sneaky way to reduce fat! I think cauliflower can be used for other substitution too. I'd like to see you do more healthier option recipes like this one:-) Thanks for the upload!

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