Mexican Recipes – How to Make Black Bean Burritos


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Black beans, cream cheese, and green chiles put a terrific twist on the basic burrito. This video shows you how to make black bean burritos. You’ll combine the black beans and cream cheese with sauteed red onions, fire-roasted green chiles, and red bell peppers. Finish it off with chopped fresh cilantro. Roll them up in warm tortillas for a quick and easy, flavorful twist to the basic burrito.

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  1. The Burritos are not even mexican, mexican food is god tier, this… Not!

    Also "5 de mayo" doesn't mean nothing at all, The puebla guys won an important battle and thats all, but the really "important" day for the mexican culture is "15 de septiembre" (It's like 4th of july)

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