Mexican Recipes – How to Make Horchata


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Watch how to make Mexican horchata. This refreshing blending rice- and milk-based drink is spiced with cinnamon and vanilla. So easy to make! Serve nice and chilled over ice; it really pulls the burn off spicy foods.

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  1. I was taught you weren't supposed to take the rice out. You blend it together with the cinnamon and afterwards pour it over a colander covered with a cheesecloth to take out all the grittiness to it.

  2. Why does there have to be so many haters?? Who cares how she pronounces it. At least SHE took the TIME to try and help some folks out with making a delicious beverage. I don't see any of you making a video in how to make this. So shut the hell up, if you dont have anything nice to say then dont type anything at all!!
    Kudos to you mam for making this video. Plz keep up the great work. I like your videos and I appreciate your time, effort, and willingness!! Thank you kindly!!

  3. What da fuq? Horchata is not from Mexico, Neither from all of Spain, It's from Valencia, a small part of spain, and this recipe is at all how it's made. I dont really mind if you do a drink like this, but please don't call it horchata, and less do it differently. (And don't be arguing with it, cause the name comes from Valencian, from "Or", gold, and "Chata", girl. Cause Jaume I the king, when tried said to the girl who offered it, "this is gold, girl".

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