Mini Bacon Egg Toast Breakfast Cups: Mother’s Day Brunch


A new fun way to eat breakfast! Full recipe here:

I recommend these mini bacon egg toast cups for your next brunch!

This video is part of a Mother’s Day Brunch recipes playlist in collaboration with these other great channels on YouTube:

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  1. My mom and I have attempted this before (not completely exact) but we have put eggs in the oven and we disliked the way the eggs tasted. We both think it tastes different from a fried egg, and I was wondering if there is another way to make the eggs and add them on after?

  2. I have a question: the second time I tried this recipe, while baking, the eggs formed a transparent film (some had a bubble) … this film was so tough we couldn't even chew it! When we tried to remove it the egg just went to pieces. Anyone out there have this happen? Anyone know why? Anyone know how to avoid this happening? Thanks, enjoy all the posts!

  3. Yummy! I used the bacon grease to oil pan pan. But my bacon was to big to circle and made the cup too deep so that the bottom of the egg was over cooked compared to the top. I think I'm going to use bacon bit's next time and see how it comes out. But brilliant video thank you for sharing.

  4. Seems like you could just slap that stuff straight on to the whole piece of toast, cover it with another piece and have a sandwich.  No pan to butter and wash and I would guess it wouldn't be as messy to eat as that little cup cake with a egg on top.  Hell I might try it.

  5. I'm a happy new subscriber to your channel! Loveee your recipes so far, omg foodgasims everytime i watch another vid. But please please please I'm a visionary kind of person and i would love when after you make your dishes to get a up close look at the final plating. Thanks 

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